Farmers training at Ruiru

Training a group of farmers at Ruiru on integrated pest management solutions.

Training event to be held on 16-17th Aug 2018 at Ruiru

Intergrated pest managemwnt with emphasis on botanical control and soil management


Intergrated pest managemwnt with emphasis on botanical control and soil management

About this course

Integrated pest management has been seen as holistic view of agricultural production connecting long term sustainability of agricultural production with environmental, economic and social issues.With increased health and environmental risks associated with application of pesticides, there has been need to promote use of effective alternative pest control methods. IPM focus on designing and implementing pest management practises in addressing pest associated damage while preventing long term risks on environment and health, and reduced agricultural sustainability.This course aims at improving awareness and understanding of integrated pest management best practices and soil management.

Target groups

This course is designed for various agricultural actors in government, research organizations, funding agencies, Non-governmental organizations, developmental organizations, agricultural extension, farmers and any other interested person/group.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the concept of intergrated pest management 
  • know how to develop IPM strategies
  • Know linkage between IPM food safety and protection of the environment 
  • Understand role of various stakeholders in IPM and how to apply in development of policies
  • Strengthen capacity in Utilizing IPM as a cost effective method to manage pest
  • Integrate soil management in relation to IPM
Topics to be covered
  • Scouting and pest identification
  • Basics of pest management 
  • Introduction to IPM and crop protection plan 
  • Intergrsted pest management measures and strtegies and their economic advantage
  • Designing an IPM strategy in specific agricultural systems
  • Soil and nutrient management 
  • Current trends on integrated pest management
Training dates

16th-17th August 2018

Application deadline

16th-17th August 2018




CHARGES:Ksh 2500 per person.MODE OF PAYMENT:Lipa na M-PESA,Buy Goods and Sevices,Till No.146168Course fee include training materials, tea, lunch and certificate of completion. Accommodation can be arranged upon request.
Discount offered to participants in a group of 5 and more 
We offer trainings for more than 10 participants at a requested location..

For application and more information please
+254706966980, +245707046524.