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Topic: Intergrated pest amanagement with emphasis on botanical control and soil management 

Target Group:Agriculturalists in Government,research organizations,funding agencies.NGO'S,extension officers,farmers etc..

Venue: Ruiru, Charges: 2500 per person 

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Capacity Development Training Program

As a training and research organization,africa IPM has devised the following courses to assist in attaining our mission.These trainings are carried out through practical on-farm sessions tailor-made for specific needs.

Course Duration
Intergrated pest and food scurity 4 days
Cell Sustainable seed production and multiplication 3 days
Cell intergrated soil health and fertility management  2 days
Bio-slurry utilization and management  2 days
Resource Mobilization 3 days
Safe and judicious use of pestiscides 2 days
Sustainable agriculture and food production 5 days
Agriculture market value chain 4 days
Organisational development  4 days